How to Take Care of Your Indoor Cannabis Plants While on Vacation


If you’re concerned about how you’re going to take care of your indoor marijuana plants while you’re out of town on a vacay, then you must read on.

Install an irrigation system

Your marijuana plants still need sufficient amount of water even if you’re away. To take care of the water issue, you need to put a programmable timer for your indoor garden. You can attach it to a hose or sprinkler which is connected to a faucet. Set the timer to activate every day or at least thrice a week if you’ll be away for a while. However, this might not work 100%. It’s still better if you could ask someone to check your indoor garden once a week to make sure all is well.


Feed your plants

Fill their hunger with liquid fertilizer and granular fertilizer before leaving. Food is important especially if your vacation lasts for more than a week. When feeding them with the fertilizers, ensure that you follow everything mentioned on the packages.

Examine Your Garden


Again, before leaving, it’s best to inspect everything. Check if there are pests around and if your indoor marijuana plants are receiving enough water. Do examine the LED grow lights you have installed as well. If you’re not using these lights yet, you better switch to them as soon as possible because they’re more energy-efficient and less expensive in terms of operational costs when compared to other types of lighting systems. Be sure to read more about LED grow lights!

Ask for someone’s help

In truth, having a garden assistant is still the best. If possible, do ask a neighbor or a family member to check your indoor garden once in a while. A friend might be willing to examine it every day, so why not take the chance? Besides, if you can afford to go on a holiday, perhaps you can afford to pay your garden assistant too. If they don’t want cash (which is unlikely), then perhaps you can share the marijuana plants that are ready for harvest as payment for their services.

With these tips, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your vacay better. Happy holiday!


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