Tips on How to Stay Safe When You Travel


Just like the safety guidelines in, we’ll give you tips on how to stay safe when you’re not in your home place.

Carrying money

Leave some cash and credit cards in your hotel room. Don’t always bring everything at once. It’s also wise to distribute your money in different pockets or places in your bag and forget where they are, so you don’t spend them all in an instant.

passport-america-map-travelSecuring your documents

Always bring one photocopy of your passport with you, but don’t place it in the same bag as your passport. Check if your documents are safely hidden before you leave your hotel room.


Wearing jewelry

gold-earrings-pearl-jewelryAvoid wearing attention-grabbing jewelry. When I say, “attention-grabbing,” I mean dazzling, glittering, blinding jewelry. In fact, it’s best not to bring a single piece of jewelry when you travel, so you don’t attract thieves. Believe me when I say the only accessory you’ll need is your watch. However, if you must wear jewelry as when you’re about to attend a wedding or formal dinner, make sure not to flash your necklace, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Keeping your mouth (usually) shut

It’s okay to talk to strangers when you ask for directions, possibly make new friends while you’re at it, but be sure you’re not entirely trusting them. Sharing everything, including where you’re staying, who you’re with, and your flight details isn’t a good idea. It’s all right to have a friendly conversation with someone you just met, but going too far as sharing your whole backstory is unacceptable and unwise. The key is to be cautious…always.

Using Social Media


Don’t try to be the king or queen of social media by posting everything you’re doing. Trust me; the award might not be something you’d want. Don’t check-in often too—you’ll never know what goes through the minds of criminals and stalkers. Post a few pictures and updates at a time. Refrain from telling everyone your activities. Only update your family and closest friends, so they know where you are. The key is to remember that you’re on a vacay to relax and have some fun, not to brag about every single thing you’ve done.

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