Top 10 Best Airports in the World

Your time at the airport is part of any travel experience that requires you to fly out and in to your city. Traveling through the best ones in the world makes unexpected delays or flight-related issues more bearable. Thankfully, airports around the world are stepping up their game in providing top quality facilities and services to air travelers. Here are the top ten of the world’s best airports according to Skytrax.

1. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore
Singapore Changi Airport
Highlights: Holds the title of being the world’s best airport for the past four years, top scores for operational efficiency and extensive list of amenities, impressive architecture, entertainment and relaxation hubs perfect for weary travelers who want to unwind and relax, a wide array of shops; several choices of cafes and restaurants

2. Incheon International Airport, South Korea
Incheon International Airport
Highlights: Cultural attractions and experiences like the Korean Culture Museum, Traditional Culture Experience Zone, Traditional Craft Gallery, Arrival Hall Culture Street; a beautiful lounge called the Airstar Terrace, excellent facilities and services, several shops and boutiques, a wide range of dining options

3. Munich Airport, Germany
Munich Airport
Highlights: Impressive architecture, airport tours, Visitors Terrace, Visitors Park with attractions like mini golf, playground, and souvenir shop; numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants, top notch services

4. Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport), Japan
Haneda Airport
Highlights: Located close to the south of central Tokyo, popular entry point for many travelers, highly efficient services, excellent shopping options for travelers and tourists, several transportation options going to or leaving the airport

5. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Hong Kong International Airport
Highlights: Beautiful architecture, art exhibitions, cultural attractions, SkyCity Nine Eagles golf course, efficient services, an array of shopping and dining options

6. Chubu Centrair International Airport, Japan
Chubu Centrair International Airport
Highlights: Located in an artificial island sitting the midst of Ise Bay, top notch facilities and amenities, excellent services, houses a traditional bathhouse, a sky deck where you can soak in the view of the bay

7. Zurich Airport, Switzerland
Zurich Airport
Highlights: Less than ten miles away from the center of Zurich, guided tours and excursions to attractions like the Swiss Museum of Transport, observation decks, scenic flights, bicycle rentals, inline skating

8. Heathrow Airport, London, UK
Heathrow Airport
Highlights: Third busiest airport in the world, wide array of shops, several cafes and restaurants to choose from; close to attractions like the picturesque villages in Denham and Stoke Poges, easy access to transportation going to Windsor Castle

9. Kansai International Airport, Japan
Kansai Intl Airport
Highlights: Sits on an artificial island in Osaka Bay, impressive architecture, clean facilities, efficient services, polite airport personnel, breathtaking views from the observation deck

10. Doha Hamad Airport, Qatar
Doha Hamad Airport
Highlight: Stunning architecture, impressive amenities in state of the art facilities, extensive dining options, several shopping hubs