Famous Sawmills Around The World


Ever wondered how timber and other kinds of wood products are cut down and produced?

With that, here are some of the famous sawmills around the world:

Klausner Holz Thüringen

Owned by Klausner-Group in Germany, this famous sawmill is known to process wood from spruce, pine, larch, and fir trees. They are also known in the solid board industry, as well as planning plants and manufacturing timber for construction purposes.

Wismar Sawmill

Also located in Germany and owned by Ilim Timber, Wismar Sawmill is famous for processing wood from Angara pine and Siberian larch. Angara pine trees are known to have large densities, close layers, high durability, and easy processing.

Plateau Sawmill

Owned by Canfor in Canada, Plateau Sawmill is best known for processing wood from spruce pine fir, Southern Yellow pine, Douglas fir larch, and Canfor red. They are also known for pulping and producing paper products.

Houston Sawmill

Also owned by Canfor in Canada, Houston Sawmill is known for its eco-tourism advocacy. Aside from producing timber and other wood products, their sawmill area allows for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, rock-climbing, off-roading, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Quensel West Fraser

Located in Canada and owned by West Fraser Timber Co., Ltd., Quensel West Fraser produce wood from spruce pine fir, Douglas fir larch, Hem fir, and Southern Yellow pine. They are also known to produce panels, pulps, paper, and other bioproducts as part of their eco-friendly advocacy.

These places are only some of the most famous sawmills around the world. In conclusion, these sawmills are not just places for producing wood from sturdy trees. They also advocate eco-friendly wood products and living conditions for residents nearby, as well as to boost eco-tourism within the area.

Meanwhile, learn more about saws and the different kinds of saws that sawyers from the above-mentioned sawmills are using. Great saws can be found here, too!