On the Road

Travel Essentials for Your Carry-On


Eye mask and ear plugs
Why bring it: Useful in helping you get some sleep while on the go

Medicine and first aid kit
Why bring it: Ensures that you can take whatever medication you may need on time, keeps first aid essentials handy

Money belt
Why bring it: Useful in keeping a stash of cash for emergency, safe place to put credit or debit cards, deterrent against pickpockets

Photocopy of your passport
Why bring it: Back-up copy in case you lose your passport

Portable battery charger
Why bring it: Ensures that your smartphone does not run out of battery, handy when you need to make important calls or send urgent messages

Rain gear
Why bring it: Keeps you prepared for sudden rainshowers

Sun protection
Why bring it: Keeps your skin protected when out and about under the heat of the sun

Swiss Army knife
Why bring it: Handy and useful tool for a lot of things

Universal adapter plug
Why bring it: Convenience of charging your portable mobile devices or gadgets anytime and anywhere you need to

Travel Apps

Google Translate

Mandic Magic



XE Currency